Seychelles learned critical lessons from IOWave16 tsunami exercise

The multinational IOWave16 tsunami drill in the Indian Ocean has taught Seychelles key lessons about how to save lives in the event that a potentially deadly wave strikes in the future, according to senior officials in the island nation.

Mr. Paul Labaleine, Director of Seychelles’ Division of Risk and Disaster Management, said that his archipelago’s participation in the 24-nation IOWave16 exercise held in September had underscored the need to get a range of participating bodies to work together better.

The tsunami simulation was a success and allowed us to identify the bottlenecks and the problems of coordination that we still have between the main national actors and institutions, but overall we have made enormous progress and we will be able to address each point before the next drill,” he said.

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Article posted on PreventionWeb by Brigitte Leoni
Photo: PreventionWeb