Indian Ocean Wave tsunami simulation exercise in Gawader, Pakistan

Tsunami Safety Evacuation Drill at Government Boys High School Surbander District Gwadar

Oxfam’s partner TCCR successfully organized community drill as part of on 8 September on the request of Tsunami center. The exercise is part of the Indian Ocean Wave simulation organized by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO to create awareness and momentum for World Tsunami Awareness Day on November 5 and International Day for Disaster Reduction on October 13.

In Pakistan, the Tsunami Centre, being the focal agency, took the lead in receiving and transmitting this information to relevant national and local Disaster Management Offices as per their implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). TCCR supported the Tsunami Centre for community-level evacuation and drill with more then 300 coastal community members of District Gawader, mostly school children village Surbander.

TCCR set up numerous meetings with community members and relevant district authorities to plan a coordinated and well though through exercise. The district authorities involved in the exercise were Health Department, Education Department, Meteorological Department, District Government, Police Department, teachers and other local organizations working in the area. The exercise was realized through funding from the ESCAP Trust Fund for Tsunami, Disaster and Climate Preparedness.

Before the full scale exercise, by means of meetings students and community members were explained the process of whole drill and with participatory approach identified and marked the safe evacuation routes and higher ground for rescue. Pictorial boards and banners were placed on different routes in the village to guide the community to the inland and higher ground. A medical camp was also set up by health departments with a professional medical doctor along with stand-by ambulance. On the initiation of siren at 11 pm students and community members started to go designated places through identified routes. Below, please find pictures of various components of the exercise:

Text and photos provided by Oxfam